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Unseen of Mandos

This is a falling-to-sleep CD. Of course, "Mandos" comes from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion. Besides being just mellow soundscapes, there is an implied journey through the worlds of dream. Starting from "A Time for Reckoning," the brain function that terminates consciousness, the journey continues into "Unseen of Mandos," which is the deepest sleep. My electronics has advanced to the state such that this album was essentially a live performance. There are a few overlays, but not to the extent of my previous work.

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Lake of Thoughts

Deep space music. Dark, as in absence of light. The emphasis is on drifting soundscape and less on rythmic sequences.

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The Seven Hundred Steps

My first album is a collection of tracks created over the period from 2005 to 2007. They belong to the "Tales of Sarnoth" subgenre of my style. This is what I call the science fiction ambient style because it's space ambient with a mixture of symphonic elements. It has been described to me as "like movie soundtracks," but I think the pieces have more structure than that. Here and there you might here traces of influence from Brian Eno and Robert Fripp, such as Sagittarius Rex, or Book of Luminance or Night Gaunt. On the whole, I think these tracks sound more original than influenced, but this is never an easy judgement.

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Music List

mp3 track [JPG image] Deep Thought
from album Lake of Thoughts
mp3 track [JPG image] Questor
from album The Seven Hundred Steps
mp3 track [JPG image] Frodo's Legacy
Melodic and space
mp3 track [JPG image] Scorpius -- The Incubator
Melodic chamber music
mp3 track [JPG image] Scorpius -- The Peacekeeper
Hard beat
mp3 track [JPG image] A Sequence of Moments
Inner space
mp3 track [JPG image] Mariana Trench
Inner space
mp3 track [JPG image] Portal of Thought
Inner space
mp3 track [JPG image] Edge of Existence
Inner space

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Deep Thought

from album Lake of Thoughts

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    Site hosting many experimental, electronic music artists. see (I have a posting on this site).

  • Relatively Unkown, but Good Space Music Artists

    ... or at least I never heard of them until I went searching on the internet. I don't listen to the radio much. I have no interest whatsoever in social networking internet. I would not want to insult these artists by presuming that they are as unknown as I. There is an extremely small audience for space music. On the one hand, I would inform the passing viewer who may have heard of one of these artists that I consider my own music as similar. Or to those who have been here before I would offer a lead on some further listening similar to this.

    • Micheal Meara

      Music by Micheal Meara at Original ambient music of deep, dark sound spaces. Link to SonicJourney.
    • Subatomic Dreams

      Music by Lanfranco Spadaro. Original ambient music of deep, dark sound spaces. Link to Subatomic Dreams
    • Stellardrone

      Music by Edgaras Vilnius. Original ambient music of deep, dark sound spaces. Link to Stellardrone
    • Phillip Wilkerson

      Music by Phillip Wilkerson. Original ambient music of deep, dark sound spaces. Link to Phillip Wilkerson

  • Well Known Space Music Artists

    Although space music has a tiny audience, there are a few well-known artists in this genre. These artists had the good fortune of getting air time on the american public radio program Music from the Hearts of Space in the 1980s. They survived the explosion of the ridiculous New Age music bandwagon that followed in the 1990s to emerge as classic space music artists of our time.

    • Steve Roach

      In my opinion, Steve Roach is the space music artist today. According to what I've read he was himself influenced by the early ambient sequencer artists from the 1970s. He has developed space music into his own direction. I attended his 2008 Flagstaff, AZ live performance. He plays the electronic sequencer like an instrument in its own right, like a concert pianist plays the piano or a concert violinist plays the violin. Link to The Soundworlds of Steve Roach
    • Robert Rich

      Robert Rich is a pioneer of deep, quit music bordering on silence. Link to Robert Rich
    • Michael Stearns

      Deep Space music composer. Link to Michael Stearns
  • Founders Space Music

    Although space music had many founders in the early 1970s, these are the few that I actually became aware of and listened to when I was a lad in the early 1970s.

    • Brian Eno and Robert Fripp

      I group Eno and Fripp together because of their 1973 (?) collaboration on the record album Fripp and Eno: No Pussyfooting. I found this on the racks of the local import music store--Tower Records would never have carried it. Two men, a guitar, a synthesizer and a tape loop. I thought this was the next step in experimental music. I played it for my fellow band musicians, who were not heavy enough for it. I played it to some non-musicians, who looked at me the way a cow looks at a dollar bill.

      In 1976 Eno and Fripp published Fripp and Eno: Evening Star, where they demonstrated that the direction ther were pioneering was not just experimentation but a genre in its own right.

      Although by 1974 both Robert Fripp and Brian Eno were famous rock band musicians, it shows what the 1970s music era was like that this music was actually distributed by major record companies.

      Link to Brian Eno
    • Jon Anderson of YES

      In 1976 Jon Anderson, the singer of the rock group Yes, released a solo album called Olias of Sunhillow. This album was essentially the prototype for the pretty, spacey, sugary genre that is now called Meditation and Healing.

Music Software Projects for Experimental Musicians

Art Gallery

A collection of computer-generated pictures I have posted over the last several years. Enter here

Music Magnum

The music of Al Steffens

Al Steffens' Music - The Music Magnum Site

I create music on a computer. I make ambient, classical and experimental music. The terms computer music and electronic music imply a style as well as the means of performance. On the one hand, I am amenable to the experimental approach that is the classic form of electronic music, but the computer is for me just a means to an end. I will attempt, at times, to create music that sounds like it could be from a chamber orchestra. At other times I might like to produce a ring modulator drown. Somewhere in the mix between music as enjoyment and music as science is where my expression lies.

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"Saturn Station 2113"

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"In Moria"

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"The Eagle's Nest, Benson, Arizona"

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The Gatekeeper